How to start mining


first thing : You need a plot that was generated for your own account (just like on solo mining)
please read forum how to generate plot
  • Run your burst client
  • Using your browser go to
  • on the bottom ( see "Set reward recipient" )
  • Put your account secret passphrase there (the one you use to login into your wallet)
  • set recipient as
  • click submit, then wait for 4 block(~20 minutes)
  • now you can close your wallet
  • Download jMiner [ java8 : win,osx,linux ] or [ dcct-miner : linux-x64 ]

[ ---- for jMiner ---- ]
  • Please read Readme.txt first, and make sure you have java installed
  • Edit, set:
  • poolMining=true
  • plotPaths=/home/plot1,/home/plot2...
  • numericAccountId=YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID
  • targetDeadline=2592000
  • poolServer=
[ ---- for dcct linux miner ---- ]
  • there are executable included, but you might need to recompile it by yourself, to compile run
    make dcct-miner
  • to run this miner
    ./dcct-miner 8124 /path/to/plots/dir/
  • you can add one or more plots just add more path at the end of command line ( dont forget to add trailing '/')